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Looking for a Katy expert? Kelly’s real estate career began in 1989. As a former PRESIDENT OF THE KATY REALTOR ASSOCIATION, Kelly has a long-standing reputation for obtaining record prices for her clients. Selling your home for top dollar requires maximum marketing exposure. Contact Kelly today to find out the benefits of working with a seasoned Realtor with a proven marketing plan–ensure your property stands out against the competition!

Know Katy, Texas Like an Expert

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  ABOUT: Maybe it’s because we live our lives a little sweeter, but what I love most about Katy is the atmosphere. Whether you’re at a school play, a sporting event, or just eating out, you’ll feel the Katy charm. It’s that “I know everyone

The Ultimate Outdoor Christmas Light Guide

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Ahhh untangling Christmas lights! So much fun right? Not really, but once you get the lights untangled, Christmas lights are an essential part to your postcard-perfect holiday home! We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves for this year’s outdoor Christmas light installation! Before

City of Houston Repair Guidelines

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As we begin the process of cleaning up and rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, the City of Houston wants to remind homeowners of several basic repair rules. Click the form below to learn what needs a permit, what does not, and several other rebuilding guidelines!  


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  FHA DISASTER RELIEF LOAN: For disaster victims whose primary residence within a Presidentially-Declared Major Disaster Area (PDMDA) was destroyed or damaged to such an extent that reconstruction or replacement is necessary. The FHA 203h disaster loan allows these victims to more easily purchase a


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      What is Heroes Home Advantage™? What is Heroes Home Advantage™? Heroes Home Advantage™ is our rebate program. It is a way to say thank you to America’s HEROES for their service to our country and communities.   Who qualifies as a hero?

5 Summer Trends

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Although it's not technically cummer for a few more weeks, it is in the 90's every day in Katy, Texas. Plus these summer home decorating trends are too good- a head start won't hurt. Check out these 5 summer home decorating trends!