Know Katy, Texas Like an Expert

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  ABOUT: Maybe it’s because we live our lives a little sweeter, but what I love most about Katy is the atmosphere. Whether you’re at a school play, a sporting event, or just eating out, you’ll feel the Katy charm. It’s that “I know everyone

The Ultimate Outdoor Christmas Light Guide

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Ahhh untangling Christmas lights! So much fun right? Not really, but once you get the lights untangled, Christmas lights are an essential part to your postcard-perfect holiday home! We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves for this year’s outdoor Christmas light installation! Before

City of Houston Repair Guidelines

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As we begin the process of cleaning up and rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, the City of Houston wants to remind homeowners of several basic repair rules. Click the form below to learn what needs a permit, what does not, and several other rebuilding guidelines!